8GadgetPack 25.0 Gadgets for Windows

8GadgetPack is a collection of functional gadgets for Windows 10 and 8.1, and a small utility that lets you install original gadget files on Windows 10 and 8.1. In Windows 7 and Vista, you can use gadgets called gadgets in the same column and on the right side of the screen

8GadgetPack features and highlights:

7 Sidebar: by Helmut Buhler/Agenda: by Ronnie/All CPU Meter: by AddGadgets.com/App Launcher: by Dean Laforet/Calendar: by Microsoft/Clipboarder: by Helmut Buhler/Clock: by Microsoft/Control System: by AddGadgets.com/CPU Meter: by Microsoft/Currency: by Microsoft/Reminder: by dahi24 /DriveInfo: by Kris Thompson/Drives Meter: by AddGadgets.com/Feed Headlines: by Microsoft/Glassy CPU Monitor: by Helmut Buhler/Google Mail: by Orbmu2k/Mail Checker: by Wp-Corporation/MiniRadio: by Ronnie/Multi Meter: by SFkilla/My Weather: by Pat Possible/Network Monitor II: by Igor M. Bushin/Picture Puzzle: by Microsoft/Power Status: by Orbmu2k/Slide Show: by Microsoft/Sticky Notes Online: by SharPra/Top Five: by Orbmu2k/Volume Control: by Orbmu2k/Weather: by Microsoft/Webradio Sidebar Gadget: by Florian Enders

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