Angry Birds 4.0  Rio 2.2.0  Seasons 4.0.1  Space 1.6.0 for PC

Angry Birds is the most popular game that was made for iPhone and Android and attracted many fans, which made some programmers and hackers build this game for Windows . The game is that the pigs have stolen the eggs of the birds and the birds are revengeful of them, and you will give them the help. You kill them and throw them at the desired angle. The game, which you download available for all versions of Windows, and with all the monitors, even the HD will display great quality.

Game Features Angry Birds Angry Birds :

Appropriate graphics and 3D images
Perform the game in 225 different stages
Appropriate graphics with cheerful colors
Suitable for different ages
No need for installation and portability of the game
The volume is very convenient for all the features
Compatible with different versions of Windows

Angry Birds with 70 MB with Patch
Download with direct link

Angry Birds Rio with 115MB of Patch (updated)
Download with direct link

 Angry Birds Seasons 85 MB with Patch
Download with direct link 

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