Microsoft Windows 8.1 AIO x86-x64 October 2017 Windows 8.1 Free Download

Microsoft Windows 8.1 AIO x86-x64 October 2017 Windows 8.1

Microsoft Windows 8.1  Windows 8.1 called Windows Blue was officially introduced by Microsoft with a huge flood of new features and finally with support for high-resolution displays. This is a Windows version of Windows 8 that was released last year. One of the most significant changes in Windows is the lack of user acceptance of the Metro user interface in Windows 8, and the interface is redirected to users on the desktop after the rise of Windows. New features in Windows 8.1 include the return of the Start button, the new search interface, and changes in the interface and new applications, such as Facebook and Flipboard, and other customization capabilities. Backgammons are animated and you can place any image you like for the Lock Screen. Now Bing Heroes is back with impressive graphics. Finding celebrities like Marilyn Monroe will display a full-screen interfacing with photos and medias alongside traditional search results. Microsoft, like Apple, has decided to upgrade the operating system to 200% Scale Up, which means that developers must update their apps to view Crisp images and texts.

Mostly try to install Windows via USB and Rufus software .

Use the PowerISO software at very low speeds to install on DVD .

Activate Windows   -  Windows Activator 

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Zip File Password

32-bit and 64-bit versions - 5.42 GB




Install Windows by USB

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