Windows XP Professional SP3 Integrated 2014  SATA Windows XP

Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP3 Integrated June 2014 + SATA Driver 

  Features of this Windows: 

Without any tampering with the appearance of windows
Having a Jennyon series
No need to crack and activate because Corporate  to be
Ability to update from Microsoft site
The possibility of installing all Microsoft software and antivirus software because of Jennyon
Presented as a file ISO  Can be installed via Boot
Having a volume less than one CD  And thus getting on CD
Having Internet Explorer 8.0  And Adobe Flash Player
Remove Windows Messenger and MSN Explorer and Internet Explorer 6
This Windows has a driver SATA  Is .
This version 32 bit  LT is.

Description for installation: 

Mostly try to install Windows via USB and Rufus software . 

Use the PowerISO software at very low speeds to install on DVD .

Zip File Password

Download with direct link and 600 MB    

Legalize Windows XP (if required)     

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