360Total Security Essential security pack

360Total Security Today, with the advent of computers and the use of the Internet to carry out various tasks, the issue of maintaining security is also very important on the Internet. Total Security is one of the newest and most popular antivirus software provided by Qihoo, a leading provider of security complete and integrated with the Avira, Bitdefender and QVMII antivirus engine combined with cloud and cloud cloud technology against viruses. And other Internet threats for users, this package is completely free and easy to update, the amount of use of this software from the system resources (CPU and RAM) is proportional to its performance, and has a negative impact on the speed of work Windows does not have Windows, and by eliminating unnecessary files, it boosts system performance Of simple, elegant and user-friendly and compatible with all versions of Windows.

Description :

Version Total Security includes the Firewall is  .
Total Security Essential Edition does not  include Firewall .
Full support for Windows 10

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