AD Sound Recorder 5.7.0 Sound Recorder

AD Sound Recorder  A powerful software for recording audio from various inputs. Due to its low volume, this software has high performance. In this software, users are not faced with the complexity of work and are able to meet their needs in the shortest possible time. Also, this software can be viewed graphically and wavetically. With this powerful software, you can communicate directly with the sound card and capture and save all the sounds in the audio output of the system in various formats. It supports MP3, WMA, WAV formats. Making direct connection to the sound card makes the sounds you record very good and high quality.

AD Sound Recorder software features:

Graphical and waveform of sounds
Control voice recorder with keystrokes
Ability to switch from audio extraction source
Ability to record audio without time limit
Supports MP3, WMA, WAV formats
WAV to MP3 capability
Includes ID tag editor and file list
Playback of recorded sounds

Download Direct Link with 2 MB in size with serial

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