Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018 v12.0.1.69 Win and Mac Professional movie editing

Adobe Premiere The software with the ultimate in features and technologies makes it a powerful editor for movies. Most of the movies we see today with the ultimate in quality and the use of a variety of professional technology and editing are designed with Adobe. The most important feature that can be summarized in this is that it is no longer supposed to be Adobe's only The 64-bit version for Premiere Pro offers not only Premiere Pro but also Aftere ffects is available only as 64 bits; this is also because the 32-bit systems do not have the extraordinary processing power of these two products. . Although this version is only to be installed on the 64-bit operating system, but with regard to the improvements, the speed of the software performance has increased dramatically, and users of the 64-bit operating system after installing this version can do this Increase speed easily.

Features  Adobe Premiere Pro  :

  Changes in the UI to increase the speed of editing and compiling videos
Supports most movie formats
Supports most popular image formats
Supports most audio formats
The ability to convert and support the popular flash file format SWF
Compatibility and connectivity between camcorders and camcorders
Imports a variety of audio, video, and movie formats from compact discs and DVDs
Import different file types in different formats from portable devices
Making super-high quality movies, Blu-rey format and compact disc
Very beautiful and numerous effects for various purposes
Ability to refresh subtitles videos
Full compatibility with Adobe After Effects
Ability to export files to more than 20 different formats including AVI, MPEG, MPEG2, EPEG 2 DVD and ...
Adjustable sound quality and images
Use Undo and Redo unlimited
  Preparing videos for publication on web pages
  Very easy to use software without training
Capable of making DVD movie with interactive menus
Full compatibility with Adobe's most famous software, Adobe Photoshop
Ability to burn multimedia files on compact discs
  Supports Dolby Digital High Quality Sound
Use the new kernel for faster processing
More complete compatibility with both the original processor and the graphics processor
Increase software performance due to optimizations
Install only on Windows 64-bit operating system
Fuller compatibility with digital cameras
Supports digital SLR cameras
Finding the Internet to find the DVD with Encore
Audio editing with a very powerful mixer

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