AIMP 4.50 Build 2058 audio file playback

AIMP  One of the best and most beautiful audio player software that can support all music files in different audio formats and play them in a beautiful environment. You can easily import the audio files you want from the Add Files, Add Folder, Add Playlist and even Drag and Drop methods into the software and then play them. This software has a very good volume compared to other audio file distribution software, since most of the beautiful and popular players have plenty of volumes and take a long time to run. This player has great volume with these superb features.

AIMP features:

Ability to play and run all audio files in different formats.
The ability to import audio files into several different shapes.
Having a Sound Recorder for recording sound on a computer.
Having Audio Converter to convert audio and video files to each other.
Having an internet radio to listen to radio stations.
Put the software icon next to the Windows clock and control it there.
Having HotKey for each button for faster performance.
Having an advanced and professional options menu.
Ability to edit and make changes to audio file properties.
Ability to search audio files.
Ability to make changes to sound settings.
Possibility to create a playlist and run it.

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