AKVIS MakeUp 4.0.574.14313 Photoshop Hairdressing Plugin

AKVIS MakeUp  It is a handy utility for add-ons to photos that with this software you can make changes to the photos in addition to the beautiful looks of a professional who are in the field of fashion and beauty to make the model more beautiful. And many of the photos you see in the fashion and beauty magazines have been edited with this software, it's very easy to work with this software, just open the photo after opening it and hit the Run key to take the photo. Automatically retouch and make the necessary changes. This software has two fast and advanced modes, which are in the fast part of the image. Sets are automatically edited with the default settings, but in the advanced section, you can find all the features of the software and you can edit the photos according to your taste.

AKVIS MakeUp  Features :

Apply lipstick, rosacea, eye shadow, powder and more.
Apply the eyelid and change eye color
Reduce or eliminate wrinkles. Fixes skin patches
Deforming every aspect of the face and body
Turn on the skin or add brown to red
Change hair color or even highlight hair
Changing instrument, creating a charming smile
Adjust brightness, contrast and color on face

Description :

Trial reset is included with the software, which should be run after 10 days of trial of the software, to work again for 10 more days.

32-bit version

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