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Algodoo 2.0.1 - Play with physics

Algodoo 2.0.1  Long after the two-dimensional and popular game of the Phun Sand Dune, designed by Emil Ernerfeldt, Algodoo  For fans of the game. 
In fact, Algodoo is a different and simulated two-dimensional animated cartoon environment in which you can fully interact to simulate real world physical and motor laws. The game is designed to encourage players and especially students to utilize their abilities and creativity. Algodoo can be called a fun game that combines science and art to design, construct and review physical systems and general rules related to topics such as movement, forces, mass and density, to increase the amount of knowledge learning The students also helped.

Game features  Algodoo 2.0.1  : 

Includes simple two-dimensional design tools, such as polygon creation tools, cutters, brushes, boxes, circles, gears, levels, chains, springs, fixing, hinges, trackers and laser brushes.
Ability to change speed, gravity, break, cutting objects, water and programming
It has two teaching and simulation modes
Enjoy the objective view of your work
A laboratory for two-dimensional physics and completely alive
Very entertaining and informative

Description :

Run the Algodoo file and install the software.
Run the Keygen_Algodoo_for_Education file or Keygen_Algodoo_Physics and get the program serial after giving the name and E-Mail you want.
After running Algodoo, go to the file menu, select the software registration and register it using the serial you received.

For the Mac version of this software, use serials in the Serials.txt file

Download Direct Link with 38 MB in size along with keygen for Windows


Download with Direct Link Size 58 MB with serial for Mac OS 




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