Ashampoo Snap 10.0.4 Shooting and video shooting from the Windows environment

Ashampoo Snap  The software is great for taking pictures and videos from various computer environments. This software is very inventive in the field of making tabriz tutorials. With this software, you will be able to easily capture photos from your software environment, games, and other computer environments and save them in various image formats. After taking the photo, the software gives you a variety of tools to help you edit different parts of the photo, for example, add a word or sentence in the corner of the image, or use a marker to mark the desired part. And do a lot of other things with these tools.

Ashampoo Snap software features:

There are three different modes of photo capture, a complete snapshot of the Windows environment and programs, and imaging based on the scales you give to the software and free imaging that can move the mouse in any part of the Windows environment and programs, and then Take a picture of that part
Ability to capture multiple images without having to restart
Ability to add different effects of Shadow and Shape when photographing
Ability to include all objects in the image, such as mouse cursors and ...
Various tools and features for editing images
Perform Cut, Copy, Paste, Crop, Print, Save and ... operations with just one click
Ability to Rotate, Resize and Undo / Redo without limitation
Ability to add text with font and size and color and the desired effect to the image
Draw shapes and lines on the image
Equipped with various Highlight and Spotlight effects
Ability to capture large and long pages of windows. Scrolling long pages automatically, capturing images from all parts and storing them in an image file.
Capable of taking pictures of desktop PCs that use multiple monitors
Improve and add several new tools for editing images taken from the monitor screen

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