Comodo Firewall Free Firewall

Comodo Firewall  Comodo is one of the most famous and reputable Internet security and networking companies. The company, which is one of the few e-lending companies (SSLs), has been able to gain a solid position among gigantic sellers like Verising is open to you and it's a rugby for them. By accessing this company's site and seeing its activities it can be reached. The company has recently begun to provide some free services, including such services can be programmed.Comodo Firewall  Which is a personal program and, as its name implies, is a firewall (Firewall). Perhaps, seeing this, the program has just entered the network, it's hard to figure out, but it's just curious to look at it with its high abilities, which can be dare to say among the recruits such as F-Security, McAfee, BitDefender, KasperSky, Panda, PC-Cilin Not only has nothing to do with anything, and maybe it's dare to say that a head and neck are even higher!

Comodo Firewall features:

Absolutely free and unlimited in use
Full monitoring of the input and output bandwidth to the system in the network
Display your security rating and rating it
It has a complete database of malicious files with the ability to detect thousands of malicious files
Ability to set permission to use the Internet for different applications
Use minimal system resources

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