DivX Plus 10.7.3 Win 10.8.6 Mac 

movie player

DivX Plus  A very simple software environment is a great tool for playing DivX videos, but at a later stage it can also play other video formats. But users can also do other things with this software, including burning CDs, managing their downloads, and many other things that DivX can do. This software, which you download from Soft 98, is almost like a software package that includes a few tools, but it's also a little different in practice. The DivX Web Player, which delivers the power of DivXNetwork's multimedia files to the web and the world of virtual Internet, is the name of a tool that enables its users to convert different formats to one another. DivX Codec, the famous and popular codecs of DivXNetwork, is based on this tool.

DivX Plus software features   :

A very simple environment for running videos
DivX Web Player Run multimedia files on the web
DivX Converter converts video files into a very simple environment
DivX Codec package includes DivXNetwork codecs
Download Manegeer in DivX Player
Ability to burn various types of CDs in different ways
Playback of various image formats such as MOV, AVI, MPG, MPEG, MPEG-4 and ...
Run live multimedia files from the web
Audio Ebhancer for those who appreciate the sound of movies

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