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Driver San Francisco + Update 1.04 Driver 

Game in San Francisco
 Driver San Francisco
Driver San Francisco  The name of the action and mission game recently developed and published by Ubisoft's popular compilation. This version has been varied to its previous version so that all the lovely notes of previous numbers are kept, and by promoting them and adding other elements of a very entertaining game. You will continue to play the game as usual by the usual character of the game, John Tanner. The theme of the game is that after several months of the events of the Driv3r and after the arrest of Jericho in Istanbul, Tanner defeated his old competitor and spent his days in San Francisco. But Jericho has a bigger plan. With help from several assistants, he is able to escape from jail, and during a chase with Tanner, Jericho succeeds in defeating Tanner and striking him. In the following, you will find many appealing and emotional events. The game uses a powerful graphic engine that fits the game very well and you never see it. The music of the game is made up of two categories: licensed music and officially played music, all of which are in the style of the 70's, and the radio plays a variety of songs.

Driver San Francisco + Update 1.04 Driver

Information about Driver San Francisco:
 Manufacturer: Ubisoft Reflections
Inc. Publisher: Ubisoft


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