FL Studio Producer Edition 12.5.1 Build 165 Plugins Set up and make music

FL Studio Producer Edition  The Fruity Loops Studio is a Digital Audio Workstation, built by Didier Dambri, the founder of the Image-Line Software Company, to use it to create Pattern-Based Rhythmic Music it is possible. Factors such as the user-friendly environment of FL Studio, the ability to create various music styles (Hip-Hop, Electronica, Techno, etc.) and the lack of specific music knowledge have caused the software to be known among the lovers of digital music, and users Beginner and professional.

FL Studio software features:

Supports all common audio formats
Supports multi-channel sounds in the application
Ability to record audio or download from other audio systems
Quality storage and custom format
Dolby Digital Support
There are dozens of different plugins available for download from the manufacturer's site
Take advantage of dozens of audio effects with a variety of themes
An example of synchronization with multi-core processors to increase the speed of software performance
Simultaneous concurrent 99 tracks and audio files
Backup automatically from editing tasks
Plugins compatible with the 64-bit platform

Mix and Effect

FL Studio has the strongest mixer among its own. In this version, there are 64 Track stereo mixers, and eight tracks can be created per track (out of 44 available effects). For example, Delay, Distortion, EQ, Chorus, Reverb, and so on are very useful. 

Supported technologies in FL Studio

FL support VST / VSTi / VST2, DXi, DXi2, MP3, WAV, OGG (as input only), MIDI, ASIO and ASIO 2 technologies.

Included Plugins:

- DirectWave (FL / VSTi) 
- Drumaxx (FL / VST / AU) 
- Groove Machine (VST / AU) 
- Hardcore (FL / VST / AU) 
- Harmless (FL / VSTi) 
- Harmor (FL / VSTi) 
- Juice Pack (VSTi) 
- Maximus (FL / VSTi) 
- Morphine (FL / VSTi / AU) 
- NewTone (FL Only) 
- Ogun (FL / VSTi) 
- Pitcher (FL Only) 
- Poizone (FL / VSTi / AU) 
(FL / VST / AU) 
- Saurer (FL / VST / AU) - Sawer (FL / VST / AU) 
- Slicex (VSTi) 
- Soundfont Player (FL Only) 
- Sytrus (FL / VSTi) 
- Toxic Biohazard (FL / VSTi / AU) 
- VideoPlayer FL Only) 
- Vocodex (VST) 
- FL Studio Producer Edition 
- Morphine Factory Addition (128 Presets)
- Poison Controlled Substance (128 
Presets ) - Sawer Factory Addition (128 Presets) 
- Toxic Biohazard Addon (128 Presets) 
- Edison WAV Editor (VSTi) 
- Gross Beat (FL / VSTi) 
- Daniel Stawczyks Soundset (128 Presets) 
- The L .Bergman Electro Soundset (128 presets)

Windows version

Software plugins with 470 MB (Windows)

Mac OS X version 12.1.3

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