FontLab VI Design and Edit Fonts

FontLab  A software application that lets you design and edit your favorite fonts in a graphical and familiar environment. With a variety of tools in your design environment, it's easy to work. The ability to import and export all types of common font-typed formats. Equipped with a variety of filters for the best possible design. It has special encodings for font compatibility designed with all common operating systems and languages. It also has various windows to capture various parts of the work, such as layers and colors, and so on.

Characteristics of software FontLab Studio:

Create and edit professional and easy types of fonts
TrueType TrueType Fonts
Windows font functionality
Excellent editing of OpenType fonts
Compatibility with Unicode-supported languages
Ability to create macroscripts and avoid repetitive and time-consuming operations
The ability to import Bitmap files such as bmp, tif, eps
There is a Bitmap professional editor in the software
Vector coloring tools in the program
Multi-font combination combined
Ability to convert group characters
Programming feature to change and edit fonts
Supports drag-dropping of characters in the software
Editable encryption and encryption
Back to previous action (Undo) up to 200 steps
Ability to create fonts compatible with Windows and Mac

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