HyperSnap 8.16.04 Shooting from the Windows desktop

HyperSnap The easiest and fastest way to capture a monitor screen (Windows screen) is to take pictures of texts where there is no way to copy the texts to the clipboard. Use to capture and share all the content on your Windows screen. This software is a combination of powerful tools for taking pictures of the Windows screen and editing images. 
The software can be used to build software help, online tutorials, displays, marketing related topics, on issues related to web pages, emails, and more.

HyperSnap software functionality

New powerful tools for capturing, editing, annotate and manipulating images.
Capable of shooting DirectX and Glide based gaming.
Ability to make seals and frames in images, shading, auto-capture, upload to FTP server and more.
Auto-Replacing Colors.
Shooting parts of Windows that are not rectangular.
Ability to capture large and long pages of websites in full.
Automatically save pictures taken in various graphic formats.
Full compatibility and synchronization with Windows clipboard for duplicate graphics, attaching images taken at any location.
It has a useful tool for displaying images and the ability to convert 20 different image formats to one another.

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