PicPick 4.2.8 Shooting from the Windows environment

PicPick  The name is a powerful and compact software for shooting the Windows environment and various applications. With the help of this software, users will be able to take photos of desktop pages, text documents, photos, PDFs, web pages and more. The features of this software include fast access to the software and easy use of it with the help of advanced tools, the ability to store pictures and texts in arbitrary formats and so on. The program can be supported in 21 languages, includingSweet Persian Language  It points out that the overall environment of this program is Persian and you can effortlessly work with all parts of the program easily. It also has a simple image editor that can be used to take photos or other photos. The editor of this app has nice and interesting features, including beautiful tools and effects for editing the image.

PicPick features   :

High quality shooting and photo capture
Save images in a variety of formats
Possibility to zoom onto images
Beautiful tools and effects for use in images (very diverse).
Capable of taking pictures such as geometric images such as rectangles or 6-sided squares. . .
The ability to colorize images before shooting
Sweet Persian Language Support
Very low volume versus high performance

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