ProDad DeFishr x86 and x64 vibration correction plugin in video

ProDad DeFishr  The first and best solution for shake correction in your videos is completely automated. The users of the GoPro, Contour, CamOne digital cameras and wide-angle wide-angle Super-Wide cameras have often complained about sliding and tilting images, especially in video corners, and this app easily They fix the problems and the high quality of the video. 
For example, you can simply drag & drop a video file into the program, parallel to the original video and the editing video, while for other cameras you can manually fine-tune the settings to choose the right color. , Zoom, lens slope and more.

Key Features of ProDad DeFishr :

Automatic tilt and vibration removal
Easy to combine with any camera and lens
Flat and folding pictures and videos
Troubleshooting images and videos
Create custom profiles for specific cameras
Set and remove videos out of the box and mismatched
Adjust the videos upside down at the right angle
Custom and custom settings
Cost-effectiveness and lack of cost for other methods

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