Songbird 2.2.0 Build 2453 Playlist and manage songs

Songbird  It was released by Mozilla, which previously introduced other programs such as Firefox's successful browser. Similar to Firefox, there's the ability to write plug-ins and add shells. There are plenty of plugins available for this app that you can use to suit your needs. Those who have worked with Apple's iTunes app will realize the similarity of the Songbird environment with iTunes. But Songbird's side features differentiate it from similar apps.

Songbird software features:

Ability to add songs from your computer or iTunes
Create a playlist that automatically updates to the songs you listen to
Supports over 25 different languages
Ability to choose from thousands of application skins
Supports a large number of common formats
Web browsing with features like bookmarking and browsing pages using tabs
Auto update
Manage songs in a library
Communicate with services such as, SHOUTcast radio and mashTape
Applicable on Windows Linux and Mac
Easy and quick installation

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