Subtitle Edit 3.5.5 Build and edit movie subtitles

Subtitle edit  A Windows-based program specifically designed to create and edit movie subtitles, as well as synchronize them with movie playback, so you do not have to spend too much on it. Installing this program is very convenient and with just a few simple clicks you can start it on your system and start working on your project in a window where everything is well organized. . All software functions will be easily accessible through the buttons at the top of the main window or the classic menu, so beginners or professionals can use the capabilities of this software alike. .
In addition to the possibility of synchronizing subtitles and movies and editing functions, the program also has automatic translation capabilities based on Google Translate, so it will support many languages.

Subtitle Edit functionality

Perform settings and synchronize in a visual form
Possibility to enter html data for online translations
Help in Visual Translation
Set the time for subtitles
Set the display time
Delete text
Convert between MicroDVD, SubRib, Substation Alpha, SAMI and ...
Modify numbering, overlays, distances, long lines and displaying invalid times
Merge and segregation of subtitles

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