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Syndicate game for PC
Syndicate  If you've been following the news for the past few years, there are definitely a lot of reboots that you've been up to date with. Syndicate is another reboot. The series dates back to 2000, when the Bullfrog Studio released its first release in 1993, and was considered one of the most beautiful and finest games of that time. The Syndicate world is going on in the near future, where various organizations and syndicates are fighting for power. Each organization has a number of dedicated staff members who, by inserting chips and electronic components, will upgrade their capabilities. In fact, Syndicate was one of the first games to go to cyborgs and machine men. The game, which was a title in the strategic shooter style in the isometric view, now and after 19 years, has returned as a first-person shooter.

Syndicate game for PC

Game features
Syndicate  :
Emotional environment
Action Games
High graphics- There are 10 models of choppers based on real models
- Three selective fights plus 20 missions
- Quick play process

Description :

This game is compressed as much as possible by the BlackBox group.
This is a cracked 3DM game.
This game is full version and is in English only (other languages ​​are deleted).
This version is shredded and does not need to crack.
To install the DirectX software, go to this article and download and install the file
Users who download D3DCompiler_43 and d3dx11_43.dll when downloading this file are downloaded and then copied to the installation path.
In case of error in the dll files Software  Microsoft Visual C ++ 2010 SP1 Redistributable install
Install and install the iso file using the virtual drive builder software .
Disable Antivirus during installation.
Zip files are tested and safe.

If you view the file when extracting, you can restore WinRAR by repairing the file and repair it easily and simply do not need to download the file again.

Download Part 1 Direct Link and 800 MB

Download Part 2 with Direct Link and 800 MB

Download Part 3 with Direct Link and 800 MB

Download Part 4 with Direct Link and 800 MB

Download Part 5 with Direct Link and 800 MB

Download Part 6 Direct Link and 800 MB

Download Part 7 with Direct Link and Size 355 MB


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