WinSnap 4.6.0 Take screenshots from the Windows desktop

WinSnap  A small utility that allows you to easily take pictures of your screen and then edit these images as you wish. The software has many abilities, the standard features of this tool include the possibility of easy capture of non-rectangular images with custom and transparent backgrounds, simple canvas transfer, color filters, and the possibility of dropping shadows of chocolate eyes. . The software, which you download from ninety-eight, supports various image formats and has advanced auto-storage capabilities. WinSnap can automatically upgrade and enhance the image taken with the help of a gentle shadow effect, adding a watermark, changing the color and save the desired file as a new file, or copying it to the clipboard. Other features include support for Vista Aero effects, image rotation, advanced auto-save, image framing, e-mail, keyboard shortcuts, and more. The software can also store the captured image in various image formats such as PNG, GIF, BMP, TIF, JPG.

WinSnap software features:

Take a picture of the Windows environment with circular corners
Save information about window format and add real shadow effects
A unique "Application" mode that allows you to capture all the visible windows of the software with one click
Base coloring effects and color transfer canvas
Selection mode for advanced auto save and auto copy
Efficient mouse and keyboard control instead of using the Print Screen
Very low volume software
Supports Alpha Channel and PNG Transparency
Unique image captures multiple objects

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